Top Ten Tuesday: Author Duos I’d Like To See Write Together

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is author’s that you’d like to see collaborate with each other. I only managed to get four, so here we go:

Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan

If they ever wrote a novel together, I think I’d die from laughing too hard because they both have a wonderful sense of humour. No matter what they wrote, I’d probably pick it up because it’d just be a easy, hilarious read.

Sarah J Maas and Mary E Pearson

I would love to see an epic/high fantasy! They both wrote beautiful fantasy stories that I absolutely adore and love. They also both have beautiful prose that would go well together.

Marissa Meyer and Victoria Aveyard

Both the Lunar Chronicles and Red Queen are wonderful sci-fi stories. I think that they would both make a wonderful duo because their writing styles are quite similar, and they both write awesome tales. I think take Marissa Meyer’s action scenes and Victoria Aveyard’s plot twists, you’d have the perfect book.

Rainbow Rowell and Kasie West

These two definitely write some of the cutest romance novels, and I love to see them write one in the future!

So there are my ten four author duos that I’d like to see in the future! What are some of yours?


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Author Duos I’d Like To See Write Together

  1. These are really nice pairs! I also included Cassandra Clare/Rick Riordan in my list :D Have you seen the dedication of The Sword of Summer? It’s quite beautiful hehe, there’s a screenshot of it on my post xD

    I’d be interested to see what two high-fantasy authors (like Mass/Pearson) teaming up would come up with. Like, would they write another high fantasy? Unfortunately a lot of these pairings probably will never happen, so we can only imagine..

    (and just speaking of Marissa Meyer, I’m so excited for Winter!! Less than a month now yay)


    • No I haven’t! It’s not in my copy :O I have read the book though, and it was so good aha – my review will be up.. as soon as I write it HAHA
      I’d just like to see the ultimate high fantasy story. Though yeah, unfortunately they probably won’t happen, but one can hope, right? ;)
      And yes WINTER


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