2015: The Year That Was

2015 has been an amazing year for me, both personally and reading wise. So much has happened over the last twelve months that I would have never thought would happen but it has. Honestly, I can’t believe that the year is already coming to a close, because it seems like yesterday that it was the start of 2015!

  • I completed my Goodreads challenge and I read over 70 books, excluding re-reads. The goal was initially 50, but I increased it when I hit that milestone. Including re-reads, it would be more, but since I don’t keep track, I can’t be sure. I also read a bunch of novellas this year in addition to all the novels, which again I didn’t really keep track of but it was at least 13. Considering how busy I have been this year, I’m proud of myself. Check out all my books here.


2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Katrina has
completed her goal of reading 70 books in 2015!


  • I met Cassandra Clare and Holly Black! They were both wonderful and sweet, and it was great to finally meet some of my favourite authors and get some of my favourite books signed by both of them

  • I discovered Throne of Glass! I’m still not over the fact that I missed out on her signing here in Australia, but that can’t triumph over the fact that I’m completely obsessed with her writing now.

  • I started book blogging! I have tried blogging before (years ago) but this year, I decided to start blogging again, and I’m glad that all the money I spent is actually going towards something useful besides me displaying books on my shelf and not even reading it. Even though there are still a few things I want to change about this blog layout wise, I’m pretty happy with the direction its going in right now, and I’m excited to see where it’ll go in 2016!

Earlier this year, I made a post about ten books I wanted to read before the end of the year as a part of Top Ten Tuesday. Let’s look at how many I actually managed to read, now that it is the end of the year:

Still to Read

*Reviews coming in the new year!

Somehow, that didn’t add up to ten, because clearly I can’t count. (It doesn’t really matter anyway)

I would say that I’ll get to the ones I’m still to read very, except I would be lying because it might be soon, or sometime in the future. The only one I’ll be definitely finishing very soon is 1984, and only because I’m currently reading it for school. It’s interesting so far, to say the least.

So that was my reading year summed up! How was your year?

Here’s to a fantastic 2016! *exploding fireworks*

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2 thoughts on “2015: The Year That Was

  1. Congratulations on what sounds like a great reading year! We have a few similarities, in fact we read the exact same amount of books and both discovered Throne of Glass, (isn’t it fantastic?) I also really want to read All The Light We Cannot See and The Young Elites. Maybe next year? All the best for 2016!!


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