Review: Night Study by Maria V. Snyder

This is the 5th book in the Study Series so I’m just going to put it out there now that this contains spoilers for both the Study Series and the Glass series both by Maria V. Snyder. If you haven’t read any of the prior books, I highly recommend you do that first before reading this review. However, this is a spolier free review of Night Study.


Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: January 25, 2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760371784
Pages: 448
Read in: January 2016
Goodreads | Book Depository

Goodreads Summary:

Ever since being kidnapped from the Illiais Jungle as a child, Yelena Zaltana’s life has been fraught with peril. But the recent loss of her Soulfinding abilities has endangered her more than ever before. As she desperately searches for a way to reclaim her magic, her enemies are closing in, and neither Ixia nor Sitia are safe for her anymore. Especially since the growing discord between the two countries and the possibility of a war threatens everything Yelena holds dear.

Valek is determined to protect Yelena, but he’s quickly running out of options. The Commander suspects that his loyalties are divided, and he’s been keeping secrets from Valek…secrets that put him, Yelena and all their friends in terrible danger. As they uncover the various layers of the Commander’s mysterious plans, they realise it’s far more sinister than they could have ever imagined.


I’m still reeling over what occurred in this book! The events in this book were all mindblowing, especially the twists and turns. I really did enjoy this book as a whole, but I found it not as interesting as the first few books in the series, which were more captivating.

Diving into this book felt like returning home, in a metaphorical sense. The story picks up immediately from where Shadow Study left off. It was great to see all the characters back, like Yelena, Valek, Janco, Ari and others, but there were some new ones, too. There were many hilarious moments in this book, especially in the exchanges between Janco and anyone else which lightened the mood.

The plot as usual was fantastic. There was plenty of action as well as many twists and turns which weren’t anticipated. Every chapter ended on a cliffhanger, and the anticipation to find out what happens next was accentuated by the change of perspectives after every chapter. I really did enjoy the change of perspective, especially Janco and Lief, because I know I can count on both to make light on a difficult situation.

However, I do think that the major plot points were just being fleshed out, which is probably some parts felt like they were being dragged out. Despite this however, the writing itself was easy and pleasant to read. All the words flowed really well which made it very pleasant to read. This book felt like a massive set up for the conclusion, which I’m sure will be epic.

Yelena and Valek both go through quite an emotional turmoil, with Yelena coming to terms with her loss of magic, and Valek adjusting to the many incidents that occurred to him. Both of them are still just as committed to each other as they were back in the early books, and I love that!

Also, the Australian covers are gorgeous! I’m still in love with how they look, with the different coloured flame and the black background. I personally prefer this cover, and I’m happy that I could acquire this version of the book (even though it doesn’t really matter that much).

I’m really excited to see how all these events will be wrapped up! There are many things I need to know about the characters, and what happens to them, and I’m excited to see them all play out in Dawn Study!

Rating: ★★★★

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