Review: The Siren by Kiera Cass


Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: January 28, 2016 (Originally published July 1, 2009)
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780008157937
Pages: 327
Read in: February 2016
Goodreads | Book Depository

Goodreads Summary:

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series comes this sweeping standalone fantasy romance. A girl with a secret. The boy of her dreams. An ocean between them.
Throughout the ages, the Ocean has occasionally rescued young women from drowning. To repay their debt, these young women must serve for 100 years as Sirens, remaining young and beautiful and using their deadly voices to lure strangers into watery graves. To keep their true nature secret, Sirens must never speak to humans, and must be careful never to stay in the same place for too long. But once her century of service is over, each Siren gets a chance to start over – a chance to live the mortal life that was almost stolen from her.

Kahlen became a Siren after her family died in a terrible shipwreck, decades ago. And though a single word from her can kill, she can’t resist spending her days on land, watching ordinary people and longing for the day when she will be able to speak and laugh and live freely among them again.

Kahlen is resigned to finishing her sentence in solitude…until she meets Akinli. Handsome, caring, and kind, Akinli is everything Kahlen ever dreamed of. And though she can’t talk to him, they soon forge a connection neither of them can deny… and Kahlen doesn’t want to.

Falling in love with a human breaks all of the Ocean’s rules, and if the Ocean discovers Kahlen’s feelings, she’ll be forced to leave Akinli for good. But for the first time in a lifetime of following the rules, Kahlen is determined to follow her heart.

The Siren had quite an interesting concept based on mythological elements. I really liked how Kiera Cass played with the idea of girls becoming deadly weapons of the Ocean, and having to serve the Ocean in exchange for their lives.

However, this books was a little bit of fantasy, and mostly romance. The main plot revolves around Kahlen, who is a Siren, and she falls for a boy and can’t live without him. Although this set up is pretty typical of most romances, it was still a really fun read that was quite easy to get through.

The story does move forward on quite a fast timeline, but it certainly didn’t feel that way, considering it was condensed into about 300 pages. There’s only so much you can write in 300 pages, and it was reasonably paced, until the last quarter of the book, where everything was just extremely rushed. I think the ending would’ve been a bit better if the pace was a bit slower, and there was a bit more time to make it feel slightly more realistic.

The characters were all pretty average. While Akinli is the main love interest, I thought there was a lack of character development from his side. We only really get to know him through Kahlen, who isn’t even close to him for most of the book, but yet is still obsessed with him and can’t seem to function without him.

Padma was also another frustrating character to read. She’s whiny and complains a lot, and doesn’t really play any major role in the story. Although her backstory is interesting to read, I think it wasn’t a strong point of the story, and actually detracted from the overall plot.

I liked how the girls could jump from one place to another through the Ocean, the fact we got to see so many different parts of the world was fascinating. Although they’re only briefly described and mentioned, I did like this aspect of the story.

While The Siren isn’t as good (or frustrating) to read as The Selection Series, despite being quite cheesy, it’s still a worthwhile read. It’s quite easy to get into, which is good if you’re in a reading slump, and also very enjoyable.

Rating: ★★★.5

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