Maria V. Snyder Event!

So last night (14/4/16), I got to meet one of my favourite authors ever, Maria V. Snyder!

If you don’t know already, she is the author of the Poison Study series (aka Study Series, Chronicles of Ixia, Soulfinders Series) as well as several others such as the Healer series and the Inside Out duology.

The event was held at Kinokuniya Sydney, and I was lucky enough to be able to go! Fortunately, it coincided with my school holidays which worked out really nicely.

I met up with my friend and after getting dinner at an Japanese noodle place, we headed to the bookstore where the signing was going to be. The event started at 6:30pm, and even though we got there about 15 minutes before it was due to start, the place was packed! We eagerly sat down and Maria walked out with another Aussie author who hosted the panel session!

A poster of Night Study they had around the store!

There was an hour of talking including a Q&A session, where we were asking questions about writing, worldbuilding and even how she gets her character names! (She said she goes through baby books and makes a list of ones she likes). I got to ask about which character of hers she relates to, and she said Opal because she’s quite timid and weak at the beginning of her story, but she overcomes all these things and becomes a heroine who people look up to. There was also lots of writing advice offered and her number one tip for aspiring authors is perseverance which I think applies to everything.

The staff at Kinokuniya also mentioned that it was her birthday tomorrow, and so they gave her a Pusheen cat plushie holding a cupcake (which was extremely adorable) and we all sang happy birthday! She also complemented on our “hip hip hooray!” because apparently they don’t do that in America! (Is it an Australian thing? Let me know!)

After the Q&A session, we waited  for an eternity two hours before we finally got to talk to her and get our books signed! My friend asked for advice on the story she’s writing and so we just chatted about that for a bit! She also got a little distracted and wrote my name in my friends book (as opposed to her) but luckily, we have similar names so it was easy to salvage! She also drew a little goblet in my friends book so it turned out to be all good.

My signed copy of Poison Study + a free bookmark!

We then took some photos and then we had to leave, unfortunately. But she was so sweet and nice the entire time, despite the fact that by the time we left, it was already 9:30pm.

Me with Maria!

Despite the wait, the whole event was a really good experience! Shoutout to the peeps at Kinokuniya who organised the event and also staying behind even after the store closing times! It was really nice getting to meet one of the authors I admire so much and who’s books I absolutely love too.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

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