Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Owning Books


Hey everyone! For today’s Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, the topic is ten reasons why you love X. I’ve decided to talk about why I love buying books as opposed to borrowing them from the library or other people.

You can read them whenever you want

If you buy your own books, you’re not constrained by a time limit. There have been many instances when I was younger when I would borrow a book but have no time to read it before having to return it. When you own the book, however, you can take as long as you want to read it. It also means that you can re-read that particular book whenever you want, even if its years down the future.

It’s Yours Forever

You can do what ever you want with them. Display them on a bookshelf of yours, lend them out, whatever. It’s your own property.

No need to wait

When I was younger, when there was a popular title that was released, if you didn’t get in early enough, you would have to end up waiting months before being able to get your hands on it, as you had to reserve that book. If you’re buying, there is no need for this; you just go out and buy it.


Library doesn’t have a copy? You’re out of luck. If you’re buying your own copy, especially in this day and age, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on a particular book you want. Internet shopping has done wonders to this world. The only downside to ordering online is that you don’t get the book immediately (unless its an ebook) but hey, at least you don’t have to wait ten years for the library to get it.

Keeping them in Good Condition

Since they are yours to keep forever, you can take extremely good care with the book. I prefer having my books with as little damage as possible, so if it’s mine, I don’t have to worry about breaking the spine. Library books tend to have a little less care since many people have their hands on that book and some people just don’t take good care of their books.

Building up a Collection

If you continue buying books, you’ll eventually have some sort of collection which you can flaunt to your friends! To me, it’s always really nice to have something in your room that reflects you as a person, and books are really great for that.


Books look nice! Especially on a bookshelf with many other books! If you own them, you can arrange them however you want to your hearts content. Whether it be in alphabetical order, rainbow coloured or just some random order, your books will still look good on your own bookshelves.


Leading on from my last point, if you’re anything like me who likes to own particular editions of books (e.g. hardcovers as opposed to paperbacks, having matching series), you can! While it can get pricey, especially here in Australia, it makes me happy that I own a particular edition of a book, especially if it is a special edition of a book.


I made a post a while back about mismatching series. I mentioned in that post that I didn’t repurchase any of them because of their sentimental value, to me. With your own copy, since its yours forever, it can take you back to that time you first read the book, and I think there’s something very special about that. When you’re older, you can pass your copies of books to your children, and they can pass it own, etc; it would make very good heirlooms, I suppose.


Sometimes, I receive books as gifts and I really like them, because when I read that particular book, it reminds me of that person. With a library book, you don’t have that kind of attachment to the book, and makes it a little less special in that sense.

Don’t get me wrong – these are just some of my opinions on why I love buying books! I still love and go to libraries, but definitely not as much as I used to when I was younger. The only downside to buying books is the cost; it can get quite hefty, while libraries are free! I also love libraries when I’m doing research or studying, because I don’t necessarily want to buy a hundred reference books that I’ll never use again.

What about you? I’d love to hear your opinions about buying your own books!

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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Owning Books

  1. I’m actually much (MUCH) more of a library reader for various reasons but all the reasons you’ve mentioned are so, so true. I do have a tiny bookshelf with its own aesthetic, but nowhere as pretty as what other book bloggers have. Sometimes I’m so tempted to buy more books so I can arrange them by their colour as seen on many other people’s bookshelves, but the cost is definitely a downside. :P

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    • My personal bookshelf also has all my school + miscellaneous stuff that I can’t fit anywhere else so I can’t actually fit as many books as I like, so that’s definitely a down side! I was actually at my local library the other day and pleasantly surprised at how up to date it was, so I might start borrowing again:)


  2. Great list! This is actually my argument for owning physical copies vs. ebooks in a nutshell! I feel like with ebooks they can be taken away from you forever. What if the Internet dies and takes the cloud with it? You and I will still have our libraries! ;)

    Here are my Top Ten!

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  3. Great list! I don’t really borrow books from the library. I usually borrow from friends, but mostly I buy the books I read. Shelf space is an issue, but its worth it. Besides, I want my room to look like the library in the Beauty and the Beast.

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  4. Great topic! I usually get my books from the library or as an eBook but we are moving soon and will have the money to start buying to make my own library. I cannot wait. I love the aesthetic appeal of books in addition to being able to read it whenever I chose instead of being on a waitlist at the library.
    My TTT

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