Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me


Hey guys! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the folks at The Broke and The Bookish as always, is all about getting personal! This week’s topic is ten facts about me, the blogger!

I feel like I talk about myself and my personal interests, both book and non-bookish related all the time, but usually the random facts are scattered throughout various Top Ten Tuesdays or book reviews.

I love music. This is definitely something I’ve mentioned many times before on my blog, but I love playing clarinet and piano. I’m currently working on repitorie for my exam on clarinet that’s in two months, but I’ve also started learning Chopin’s Waltz in B minor and also Mendelssohn’s Sweet Remembrance (from Songs Without Words, Op. 19 No. 1) as a side project. I also really like it when fictional characters play some kind of instrument, especially if it’s related to classical music somehow.

I have myopia and I started wearing glasses when I was 6.  I wear contacts at night now which corrects my vision during the day. I don’t really like wearing glasses as I find that it gets in my way, although the exception to this is when I’m driving at night. I think this is in part due to the fact I always stare at books really closely,

At one point in my life, I wanted to become a pilot. These aviation dreams were crushed when I realised that you needed good eyesight to be able to even sit in a cockpit, which is something I don’t have, so I think I’ll just stick to being the passenger.

Tumblr is my jam. My favourite website changes from time to time, but I always find myself coming back to tumblr. There are so many different communities out there, and I love all the ones I’ve associated myself with. I find it a really good platform to express my ever-changing interests, and I do love how customiseable everything is.

I like playing volleyball, although I don’t play nearly enough. I’m not that great if I’m honest, but it is a fun game. The games I play aren’t serious enough for positions, but if I had to pick on, I’d probably be a libero or an outside hitter.

As a result of volleyball, I got really into Haikyuu!! last year. I think it’s a great story, and it was a motivating factor for me to play even more. Getting into Haikyuu was also the reason why I’m only just starting to get into the occasional anime, although to be honest, nothing beats a good book and good words.

I have a strange thing for bokeh pictures, which is basically pictures of lights which are zoomed in and out of focus. I think they’re always really artistic, no matter how you take them. It’s really hard to take pictures of bokeh without a DSLR, so I don’t get much of a chance, but here’s an example of mine from last Christmas.


For some reason when it comes to household chores, I always skip out on doing  the dishes. There’s just something about doing the dishes that feels really gross. We have a dishwasher, but I pretty much never use it because I grew up without one, and now that we do have one, it feels strange. I’m still used to doing the dishes by hand, but I generally just avoid doing them until I really have to.

I have never pulled an all-nighter. Not yet anyway. I’m pretty proud of myself for this one, since I have a tendency to stay up late the day before an assignment is due finishing it off, or staying up reading until I finish a book. It might happen sooner or later, but for now, this remains a fact.

i still have my childhood blanket sitting on the end of my bed. I don’t use it much nowadays, but I think it’s really cute and it’s definitely one of my cherished items that isn’t a book.

So that’s ten random things about me! If you want to know more, I have more details on my about page. Additionally, I’m always happy to answer any of your questions in the comments below!

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