July Wrap Up | 2016

July wrap up

Hey guys! Quite a lot of things have occured in my life, both in  terms of books and other things. I’ve had quite a busy month, doing a fair amount of blogging-related writing, reading and also studying as I have exams starting in the first week of August. I have some news to share the end of this so keep reading!

Because of all of this general craziness, I was looking through the books I had read on Goodreads, and I realised I’d only read one.

Yes, one.

Although I have been busy doing productive work, it’s because of procrastination – I started watching a new anime (Nodame Cantabile), and rewatching old ones. I did reread bits of Queen of Shadows in preparation for Empire of Storms (which isn’t even coming out for a month anyway). I’m also in the middle of reading Caramel Hearts by E.R. Murray, and I’m currently about 100 pages in. I’m hoping to finish it within the next few days (between exams and exam preparations).

Books I read this month:

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

I read this at the beginning of the month, ironically in the middle of winter. This is probably my favourite contemporary read of the year – I loved every aspect of this book, because it was just written so well.

Queen of Shadows (Re-read)

I re-read Queen of Shadows, and I had half-forgotten how good this was. It was a really refreshing to come back to this book after a while, and to dive back into the Throne of Glass world again.

Sneak peek for Empire of Storms – my feels can’t handle this

Book Haul

July haul

Despite only reading one (and a half I suppose) book, I did acquire a fair amount of them. I made up for the slow month I had in June for book buying in July by getting 6 books.

One Paris Summer by Denise Grover Swank

I actually read this on my phone first, then after loving it, I decided to buy a physical copy of it. I think the cover doesn’t do justice to the actual book, but hey, it’s the inside that counts, right?

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

I spent so long deliberating whether to get the hardcover or paperback version on this book. I even went as far as googling the different versions and scouring the internet for the different versions. I finally settle on the hardback, since I love the purple of the physical book underneath the dust jacket. Emery Lord is also becoming one of my favourite YA contemporary authors.

Caramel Hearts by E.R. Murray

I got sent this by Bloomsbury – thank you so much! The first thing about it that I really noticed that it was such a nice size. I do usually prefer hardbacks, but the colour scheme of the cover and the spine just work so well. The book also just feels really good when you’re holding it in your hands. This is probably just a result of me being weird, however.

Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson

I’ve actually read this before, but I finally bought a copy in hardback! I really do love this series, and I’m planning on rereading it soon, as the third book is coming out in a couple of days! I’m planning on doing reviews for the first two books, so stay tuned!

Kinokuniya had a 20% off sale this month, and naturally I had to buy some books while it lasted! I wasn’t actually planning on buying anything, but I walked in there and I couldn’t resist.

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Seeptys

I loved Between Shades of Grey, and when she came out with a new book back in February, I’ve been dying to get my hands on this. I’m so happy that I do have this now, because it means I can read it whenever I want.

Haikyuu!! Vol 1. by Haruichi Furudate

Although this is technically not a book (it’s still bound like one!), I still bought this on that day. This was actually the first anime I watched and I had to get it when they released the english translation in print form. I haven’t actually read this yet, but hopefully I’ll get around to it soon!

In addition to these six, I’ve also preordered two books, which are coming out in the next two months! I’ll be posting about them when I do get them in the mail, but you get virtual cookies if you can guess what they are (hint: they’re both fantasy, and coming out within the next two months).

This month, I featured my very first guest post on this blog! Author E.R. Murray discussed her favourite books that featured food in them, so if you’re feeling hungry but too lazy to move, you should check the post out here.

I also did a general tidy of my bookshelf this month; I got rid of the massive stack of books that lived on my bedside table, and it felt so liberating! However, there are some books that now live in my wardrobe because they don’t fit on my shelf. What I really need is a) more shelves, b) more space in my room for more shelves and c) to do an unhaul as it is overflowing.

I filmed a time lapse of me rearranging said books, so enjoy!

As I mentioned earlier, I have exams coming up in the first two weeks of August, so I probably won’t get as much time to focus on this blog. I’ll still have Top Ten Tuesday posts, but there might only be one post a week just because I will be extremely busy preparing and cramming for exams. So I apologise if there are a lack of blog posts in August, but I swear I will make up for it later.

I guess that’s it for July! Although it hasn’t been a productive reading month, it was a pretty successful buying month which I’m pretty happy about. Again, apologies for the lack of blog posts that are to come in the next two weeks, but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway!

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