Top Ten Tuesday: Songs That Would Make a Great Soundtrack


Hey guys! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I haven’t done one of these in forever, ruining my personal streak, but hey, I”m back this week.

This week’s topic is focused around anything audio, so I thought I’d share some songs that would make a great playlist to listen to while reading. I don’t tend to share my music recommendations often and so I’ve included a mixture of popular music and classical music – a weird combination of things I’ve been listening to lately. Enjoy!

Oh Wonder – Without You

This is one of my recent discoveries. I really like Oh Wonder, but this particular song has lyrics which really resonate with me personally, and makes really good music for background noise for when you’re reading. 

Griffin Peterson – Maybe Someday

This song was actually inspired by Colleen Hoover’s book Maybe Someday which I just read recently (I have  review coming soon for that so keep an eye out). The upbeat guitar strumming complements with the lyrics and the overall mood of the piece really well.

Troye Sivan – Ease

This song is reminscing about the past, about going back to things the way they were. Just like how in a typical contemporary where the character would reflect on how less complicated things were back in the days.

Amir – J’ai Cherché

Although this song is written in both english and french, I really like it because it’s upbeat and fun. Its title translates to ‘I’ve been looking for’ (or something like that) and is about looking for someone, and finally finding that someone.

The Chainsmokers – Closer

A very recent discovery of mine, Closer is an upbeat pop ballad that is quite mainstream right now. What I really like about this song isn’t the actual tune (even if it is catchy) but the lyrics. Lyrically, it draws you in because they’re so true and relatable.

And for the classical pieces:

Claude Debussy – Premiere Rhapsodie

One of my favourite clarinet pieces ever – it begins with a very clear, haunting clarinet melody and builds gradually into a emphatic finish. Honestly, putting this on repeat while reading is something I’ve been doing lately, and I’m not the type to read with music in the background.

Felix Mendelssohn – “Sweet Remembrance” from Songs Without Words Op. 19 No. 1

Written in the key of E major (what I like to refer to as the ‘happy key’), Mendelssohn’s composition has a singing melodic line accompanied by arpeggios. Originally written for piano, it’s also been transcribe for other instruments such as violin and piano. While not virtuosic in nature, the piece leaves you with a sense that you’ve transcended through time, making it perfect for any kind of reading/ambient background music.

Franz Liszt – Les Jeux d’eaux a la Villa d’Este S. 163

This is a really beautiful piece (that two of my friends played for our music recital). The title translates to ‘The Fountains of the Villa d’Este”, and features a cantabile melody line accompanied by arpeggios in the upper register of the piano. It makes a good song to listen to while reading because it would honestly be perfect for any kind of scene, and would also be perfect in a YA contemporary where the two main characters finally resolve their conflicts.

Dimitri Shostakovich – String Quartet No. 8 in C minor, Op. 110: II Allegro

The second movement of Shostakovich’s String Quartet No 8 is my favourite because it’s very frantic and intense, perfect for the middle of the high tension scenes or battle scenes in a novel.

George Gershwin – An American In Paris

You might’ve heard of Gershwin before for more famous works like I Got Rhythm but this particular piece is quite jazzy and upbeat in nature. It then transitions into a slower, ballad-like section, increasing the diversity of style heard throughout the piece. It reminds me of a musical overture, but it’s diversity would be perfect for any story.

So that’s all for today! I really hope you like some of these songs, and if I inspired you to listen to any of these songs, let me know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Songs That Would Make a Great Soundtrack

  1. What a cool and fun idea. I love that you married your love of music and books.

    I listen to a couple of the classical stations on Google Play and sometimes the classical for studying mixes people have posted to YouTube, but I don’t pay attention to the composers or artists that much. Maybe I will now since it could help me build a playlist I enjoy for reading, etc. Thanks for the idea!


  2. Oh dang, I just realized that Chainsmokers is the artist not the song -_- I saw it a couple of times on my YouTube home page and just kind of gloss over the details.
    Those classical pieces sound awesome! I’ve been on a classical binge lately, though most of the song I’m listening to are well known songs. I’ve found that I love the Romantic Era. Oddly enough, I’m not musically trained at all, despite being an Asian. My siblings have attended classes, my cousins all do music, a few of them even have diplomas. I’m the odd one out :(

    Liked by 1 person

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