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So, I’m a mood reader.

Basically, I only ever read books that I’m in the mood for. It might be a particular genre or author that I might be interested in, but either way, my mind becomes so fixated on reading that one book or type of book. If this happens, I literally cannot read anything else until I’ve read that. Pretty self-explanatory.

While this may mean I might just binge read a whole bunch of contemporary romance books, or plow through several books by the same author, this system of reading does have its setbacks when it comes to reading such as:

Only Wanting to Binge Read One Series/Author/Book

This is an issue that I have where I literally cannot read anything until I have that one book in my hands, and I sole focus on reading this series. If you look at my goodreads, the last ten or so books have all been the same genre (contemporary romance). The reason is because that’s the only thing I’ve been wanting to read, and so that’s all I’ve read for the past two months.

Wanting to Re-Read a Certain Series Many Times In a Row

Another thing that I do is just re-read a particular series, especially my favourite series several times, just because I can’t get enough of that world. It’s really comforting and reassuring to dive back into a particular world that you’re so familiar with, with sassy characters or even just the familiar scenery. This is especially true after I’ve finished a book with a spectacular ending/cliffhanger, or a book that was just so intensely emotional I’m unable to read anything else. I end up going back to reread that entire book again just so I can re-live that experience over and over again. You see, this means I’m physically incapable of reading anything else because I’m too emotionally invested into a single book.

Not Getting Through Books I Should Read

I’m very guilty of having a couple of review books that I should have read, and actually received a while ago. I haven’t gotten around to them because I’ve been busy and the real reason, I haven’t been in the mood and thus haven’t read them yet. If you’re one of the authors whose books I should’ve reviewed but haven’t posted a review yet, I’m really sorry! I promise I will get to them after my exams.

Having Books Accumulate on your Already Intimidating TBR

Because I only want to read certain books, I just end up adding things to my TBR, but then forget about most of them. As a result, there are many books on my TBR which I know I’ll never read because I’m ‘not in the mood’ anymore and so there’s this extensive books, many of which I do want to read, but many I don’t.

Inability to Read Because You Can’t Get Your Hands on a Certain Book

Sometimes, I’m in the mood for a book that I currently don’t own. Because I can’t get my hands on that book soon enough, I don’t end up reading because I refuse to read anything else but that one single book. However, when I do finally get my hands on that one precious book, I’m not in the mood anymore. Sometimes I have the discipline to get myself to read it, but most of the time I can’t bring myself to read it and just never end up reading the book (sometimes for a very, very long while).

Inability to Get Out of a Reading Slump

These repeated cycles just end up with me falling into the deep, spiralling pit of the reading slump that is virtually impossible to climb out of. It leaves you unable to read anything that you actually wanted for the said reasons and makes me very sad as I can’t do the one thing that I really want to do. I end up doing other things, such as watching youtube or anime, and that puts me in even more of a reading slump because I’m suddenly never in the mood for reading due to my fixation on consuming media.

So that’s my little spiel of my struggles when it comes to reading. What are some of the reasons or struggles that you do face if you are a mood reader too? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Being a Mood Reader | #readerproblems

  1. I go through faces when all I want to read is contemporaries or fantasy books, but most of the time I read whatever seems most appealing to me at the time on my shelves. After a while of reading all the same thing, I end up kind of bored. Would I classify this as mood reading? I don’t know, I think I can be but I’m also not really a mood reader.

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