Spoilers and Why I Dislike Them | #readerproblems

If there’s one thing I keep reiterating on this blog, it’s how much I hate being spoiled by anyone or anything for any new releases of books, TV shows/anime (because yes, the only TV “shows” I actively watch are all Japanese cartoons). I’ve actually tried to write variations on this topic before, but my drafts just end up being drafts and never published because I could never figure out exactly how I wanted to discuss spoilers. So today, I thought I’d explain my own reason for disliking them with an immense passion, considering I have told many of my friends that if they dare spoil anything to me, I will literally murder them.

I enjoy being surprised by plot twists. I like reading and then turning the page and see something majorly unexpected happen, then screaming ‘WHYYY” into my pillow at 3am in the morning (true story), leaving me emotionally drained and empty. It’s something I’ve come to love and enjoy about good storytelling as good storytelling will drop hints everywhere and then come surprising you when you least expect it. It’s a craft that takes time and effort to perfect, mastered only by brilliant writers and artists. Continue reading


Being a Mood Reader | #readerproblems


So, I’m a mood reader.

Basically, I only ever read books that I’m in the mood for. It might be a particular genre or author that I might be interested in, but either way, my mind becomes so fixated on reading that one book or type of book. If this happens, I literally cannot read anything else until I’ve read that. Pretty self-explanatory.

While this may mean I might just binge read a whole bunch of contemporary romance books, or plow through several books by the same author, this system of reading does have its setbacks when it comes to reading such as:

Only Wanting to Binge Read One Series/Author/Book

This is an issue that I have where I literally cannot read anything until I have that one book in my hands, and I sole focus on reading this series. If you look at my goodreads, the last ten or so books have all been the same genre (contemporary romance). The reason is because that’s the only thing I’ve been wanting to read, and so that’s all I’ve read for the past two months. Continue reading

Mismatching Series | #readerproblems

I like to collect things.

I’ve always loved collected things, even at a young age. I have collections of all sorts of things – coins, stamps, books, rocks, stationery among other things. While I love to collect things, sometimes I look back and think, “Did I really need that? Did I really need to buy two sets of the same colouring pencils just because one didn’t come with the metallic colours?”


One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to collecting book series is when the covers don’t match.

Let’s talk about my Hunger Games books.

I have the original UK versions of these book which I bought in 2012 when the movie came out. I bought Hunger Games separately from the rest of the series, when the movie tie-in edition was cheaper than the original covers. And I regret that decision.


Look at that. Like, they look like a series. Now that there are about 30 different new editions of the Hunger Games books, I can’t find the original cover for the first one anywhere. Continue reading