December Wrap Up | 2016


So December has now come to a close, and what a year it has been! So much has happened in the past year, with both good and bad experiences to reflect on. I think the main thing for me was that I finished high school (which honestly seems so long ago even though it’s only been two months) and also that I’m moving on with my life.

December wasn’t the reading month I wanted it to be, but I did manage to complete my Goodreads challenge of 60 books! I’m really proud since there was so much going on between school, keeping up with extracurriculars, and although I was busy, I did manage to read that many books this year and so I’m really happy with that. That being said, I did only manage to read 4 books and 1 novella, as I was extremely busy with my job (which was surprisingly draining given that all I do is stand around all day). Despite that, the books I did read were all worthy of my time so in order of which I read them:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I technically started reading this in November, but only finished it early this month. I really enjoyed it, despite the cheesy ending which I mentioned in my review.  Continue reading


November Wrap Up | 2016


November has just been an all-around lazy month for me. I’ve just been putting of doing certain responsibilities I should be attending to now that my schooling days are over, but like the responsible person I am, I haven’t done much of that. I also have quite a few book reviews to write and a massive backlog still so watch out for some of those in the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, November has been a productive reading month – I hit my goodreads challenge goal of 50 books, and extended it to 60 just so I could feel m0re satisfied at the end of the year. I read a total of seven books – three of which were rereads.

Valley of Embers by Steven Kelliher

This was a book I started reading way back in August, and I finally got around to finishing it this month. Quite an enjoyable read, although there were aspects that I didn’t enjoy as much. Continue reading

October Wrap Up | 2016


Hey guys! So October has been quite the month, especially in my life. I finished my last set of high school exams, which means that I am totally free to do what I want with the rest of my life. As daunting as it sounds, I still have uni to consider, so there’s that too.

My blogging schedule has been messy lately, partly due to exams and as a result, I have a backlog of blog posts I have written but still yet to publish. I’ll try and get them all published within the next month, just so I’m not falling behind and releasing a review of a book I read in October in January or something.

Books Read

I still managed to get a few books in this month, and I’m pretty happy with what I read, considering the circumstances. I’m also pretty happy about my choice of books because for the most part, they were all very enjoyable and a great distraction to my studies.

Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher


Never Never is split into three parts, each section about the length of a novella. Maybe it was the fact it was written in three parts, but while the first part was really good and left me hanging, I found the second and third parts underwhelming compared to the first story.  Continue reading

September Wrap Up | 2016


September for me, was the start of spring and so I finally got to say goodbye to winter for another year! It has also been a pretty big month for reading. While I didn’t have exams, I probably read more than I should’ve and procrastinated studying, but hey, reading is a good thing. I managed to get through about 8 books this month, which is the most I’ve read in a single month for a long time.

Books Read

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

I actually read this at the end of August, but I wasn’t allowed to mention it as it wasn’t out at the time. It was so hard keeping all the details all to myself with no one to discuss it with, but I lent it to a friend who read it in about two days and we got to discuss it in depth (and mope) over it. In short, it was fantastic, and I really want book 6 now. Continue reading

Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan Event!

rainbow rowell david levithan

So a few days ago (September 2nd) I had the pleasure of going to the Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan at Kinokuniya! It was a really exciting opportunity, and I almost didn’t go, but I’m glad I did because it was worth every second.

This is my third author experience (read about my experience going to the Maria V. Snyder event here), so going there, I knew generally what to expect and how these events worked. I managed to get seats in the front row, partly because I’m half blind and mostly because I had to get home early. I was really fortunate to have seats; there were so many people in the store who were just standing because it was such a popular event!

Me with Rainbow!

Continue reading

August Wrap Up | 2016

August wrap up

So August has been a busy month, both online and offline. I’ve had round 1 of exams, re-read the entire Harry Potter Series, got exams back and had various other life things. I’m happy though – I didn’t go overboard buying books, and I managed to read quite a lot considering I’ve had exams. Although I’ve been reading quite a lot, I’ve been slacking a bit on the blogging front. Sometimes, I just don’t have any ideas for blog posts, or I just never end up finishing my reviews. August has been my most inconsistent month for blogging, but I’ll try and make it up in September! No guarantees however, since I’m approaching round 2 of exams in October.

Books Read

Harry Potter 1-7 by J.K. Rowling

Like I said earlier, I marathoned the entire Harry Potter series in the first half of the month. It was a very interesting read, since I haven’t read them in a few years, so I’d forgotten some of the detail that is in the books. There were also other subtle hints and details about plot and character which I never picked up on reading when I was younger, and now that I’m older, I feel like I finally understand why some characters do certain things. Really, it makes the whole series a little more angsty, especially towards the end. Re-reading the books also made me realise how much more I enjoyed the books rather than the movie. Continue reading

July Wrap Up | 2016

July wrap up

Hey guys! Quite a lot of things have occured in my life, both in  terms of books and other things. I’ve had quite a busy month, doing a fair amount of blogging-related writing, reading and also studying as I have exams starting in the first week of August. I have some news to share the end of this so keep reading!

Because of all of this general craziness, I was looking through the books I had read on Goodreads, and I realised I’d only read one.

Yes, one.

Although I have been busy doing productive work, it’s because of procrastination – I started watching a new anime (Nodame Cantabile), and rewatching old ones. I did reread bits of Queen of Shadows in preparation for Empire of Storms (which isn’t even coming out for a month anyway). I’m also in the middle of reading Caramel Hearts by E.R. Murray, and I’m currently about 100 pages in. I’m hoping to finish it within the next few days (between exams and exam preparations).

Books I read this month:

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

I read this at the beginning of the month, ironically in the middle of winter. This is probably my favourite contemporary read of the year – I loved every aspect of this book, because it was just written so well. Continue reading