In Retrospect: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I don’t usually post today, just because I don’t like posting two days in a row, but I’m making an exception just for now. There’s something very important coming up, and it’s the premiere for the Shadowhunters TV show!

Although I’m still sceptical about the changes that have been made to the TV show, I still have faith. Anyway, this isn’t the point.

In preparation for the TV show, I reread the original three Mortal Instrument books! Honestly, it was so good diving back into the Shadowhunter world, with just the original cast of characters. It was really refreshing, and also satisfied my need for more Shadowhunters. There was so much I picked up on just rereading, whether it was about the plot, world or characters. It really reminded me of just how much I love this series, and why it’s one of my favourite series of all time.

I’m just going to say right now, that there will be spoilers in the section below for all of the books. If you haven’t read it and don’t want to be spoiled (I don’t know why you wouldn’t have read this amazing series), then I suggest you go read the books first, then come back so we can discuss this series.

Book 1: City of Bones

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Mismatching Series | #readerproblems

I like to collect things.

I’ve always loved collected things, even at a young age. I have collections of all sorts of things – coins, stamps, books, rocks, stationery among other things. While I love to collect things, sometimes I look back and think, “Did I really need that? Did I really need to buy two sets of the same colouring pencils just because one didn’t come with the metallic colours?”


One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to collecting book series is when the covers don’t match.

Let’s talk about my Hunger Games books.

I have the original UK versions of these book which I bought in 2012 when the movie came out. I bought Hunger Games separately from the rest of the series, when the movie tie-in edition was cheaper than the original covers. And I regret that decision.


Look at that. Like, they look like a series. Now that there are about 30 different new editions of the Hunger Games books, I can’t find the original cover for the first one anywhere. Continue reading