Let me cut to the chase: I’ve started a bookstagram! Okay, that’s technically a lie, so let me explain.

Way back when I first started this blog in 2015, I also created an instagram account with the same username as this blog, kaleidoscopeofbooks. I’ve posted a couple of photos on it, then abandoned it because it was too much effort to keep switching between accounts.

Two years later, and many Instagram features have been introduced and the interface has drastically changed compared to what it used to be. There are instagram stories, non-square photos can be posted without ruining your square aesthetic, and posting multiple photos in one post is now a option instead of having to spam everyone’s feed. Two years later, right when there are assignments to be written and music to be practised, this girl decided that revisiting this old account is a brilliant idea! And so the bookstagram kaleidoscopeofbooks was reborn.

So it’s actually been a couple of days since I last posted on that instagram, but yeah anyway..

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